Saturday, May 27, 2006

The 11th Hour- A New Amharic Movie

This new Amharic film with English Sub-title directed and produced by Zelalem Welde Mariam explores the trials and triumphs of a single father who does whatever it will take to keep his daughter alive, though at the eleventh hour.Ephrem (Solomon Bogale) a young photographer who works for an advertising and modeling agency loses his beautiful model wife in an automotive accident ( crssing a zebraroad) and to make matter worse, his daughter is diagnosed with the heart problem and needed an emergency heart then plant operation available only abroad and can’t afford.Contrary to sentimental love recurent in most Amharic films, the 11th Hour chose to depict the love and sacrifiece of a father for his daughter,a risky venture in terms of financial gain. The film was said to be the first big budget film to have been produced in Ethiopia. President Girma Woldegorgis’s appearance at appearance at the inauguration on May 18, at Sheraton Addis have stunned many. Wile the material forming the basis for the 11th hour can’t make any claim of originality and quality; it is an interesting and poignant movie to come out in recent years. The opening scene takes us to Hamar,one of the country's attractions, where Ephrem is hunting down l Hammer girls for a shot or two. He manages to find one but also Genet (Danawit G/Ebregzabher ) , a pretty and nice-looking girl who was there on a visit. And that becomes an encounter that later leads to a marital relationship. The images of Hammer with nude women and erected breasts leaves you not so much exhilarated as exhausted.The viewer is likely to question the relevance of the theme of the story -until he sees the gruesome murder that the phtogrhaper captures in his camera. For the next thirty minutes, the production tricks us into believing that it’s nothing more uninspired romance. There ore overly sentiments moments when the couple spend time with their lively daughter Nani (Bersabeh Melaku) who I find is natural and believable. However, when Genet loses her life in a terrible road accident, things started to take a nasty turn. Ephraim and Nani find it hard to accept. Especially the father starts to fight internal demons from old memories of his lost wife, to alcohol and depression. And forging a sympathetic link to them is crucial for the remainder of the picture to have the desired impact. Replacing his wife’s absence Nani becomes his world. When this realization of his daughter heart failure and the doctor ,he was at a loss.Though he makes a good living from his photography work, getting 300,000 birr is a next- to- impossible task. He makes every effort to raise the money. The struggles in the story could be experienced by many Ethiopians, where around 500,000 children are born annually with the heart problem.This is where the film looks a dramatic advertisement for the Children Heart Foundation whose cardiac hospital is still in limbo. The movie has much resemblance to John Q, a 2002 Hollywood movie starring Denzel Washington, a father and husband whose son is diagnosed with an enlarged heart and then finds out he can’t receive a transplant because his can’t cover it. The movie veers from slapstick to tragedy to shimmering – of- life euphoria All in all it is a very interesting and watchabe film. The centers the of the film that people will do whatever is necessary to protect what is dear to them is conveyed in a moving and singularly effective manner.


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